Midnight Crimson Glory


Midnight Crimson Glory


"And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. "

"I want to be the lights...I want to be the music....Olly Oxen free........you will never find me.'

"I see my world through windows...staring back at me"

"Then My Watch It Finally Spoke To Me It Even Took The Time To Join Me In A Dream We Took The First Star To The Left We Flew Straight On Till Morning Goodbye Goodbye..."

"Spread your wings..You can fly"

"I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires"



The Last Swan

submitted by Dar on the third anniversary of His death

      Once Upon a Time there was this beautiful dark, long haired prince who needed a place to stay for the weekend while his music producer took a trip out of town. The prince had not been living with his music producer for too long and he didn’t want the prince to be alone. The plan was too meet at a rock’n’ roll club where the producer played drums in a kick ass rock’ n’ roll band, and bring this beautiful prince back to my house afterwards. I had a spare bedroom and the producer knew I would keep our prince safe until his return.

When I arrived at the show, the prince was outside talking on his cell for quite some time; therefore, I just made myself comfortable while being blasted out by the sounds of Cellfish. Time had passed and I had to go to the restroom. I owned this very unique purse I had left on the table. The purse was shaped like a high-heeled boot and was made out of black leather. It had silver studs lined on the sides, a big buckle strap across the footing and a 6 inch high heel for support. Every woman who ever saw it commented on how cool it was. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw the prince intensely staring at the boot purse, I walked up behind Him, and without saying a word, He turned around, stared me straight in the eyes with His magical glare, looked deep into my eyes and said, “This has got to be yours.” I could feel my heart skip many beats and, though not known for being a shy person, I was at a loss for words…MY heart stopped…. and I knew the look on this beautiful man’s face rocked a million places.

Midnight captivated me from the first time I laid my eyes upon His tender, loving, gentle, but somehow… sad, face. I fell in love with HIM long before I was ever introduced to Him by Lee Harrison, (His music producer). Lee would share His music and funny antidotes with me and we bonded immediately, while laughing at some of the entertaining stories Lee shared about Mid‘s life and passionate love for music. Midnight was a “god-like figure” to Lee and to me, too.

The first song Lee shared with me was Midnight’s ‘Seven Angels.’ Having an M.Ed and majoring in religious/social studies, I tried to rip this song apart while understanding its meaning. This soulful yet deeply provoking song drove me insane and the lyrics mystified me on a level I had never known before. I just had to meet the poet who wrote this magical tune. It was then that Lee suggested introducing us at one point, so the timing was right and sooner than I had expected.

That evening, Mid and I spent time conversing about different cultures and His love for the American Indians. The static electricity immediately between us had my mind on fire and His passionate way with words had me spellbound. I fell in love before I met Him and even deeper when I could actually touch His hand, look into His deep foreboding eyes, and listen to the most beautiful voice I have ever heard speak with such ease and fluency. And, looking back on our first encounter, I knew He felt the same way about me too.

It wasn’t long before the night ended, the last minute of getting His duffle bag and saying our good byes, before we hit the road. Lee had given me a few CDs months before and Mid laughed until He almost cried when I sang all the words to His songs on the hour long trip back to my house. The first words He said to me when we entered my house were: “I know I was meant to be here. The numbers on your house tell me so”… I pondered and asked why and He told me because of two numbers in my street address… one and two, which He quickly explained are numbers of the angels.. Such a delightful thought… and I‘m smiling to myself, this beautiful prince could be my king!!!… Something magical happened that first night between us and He told me He never wanted to leave my home again. He told me that this is the first time in His whole life where He felt like He was finally HOME and I would be His Last Swan.….

Now, I know some of you will think that’s a great pick up line for any man to say to get laid. And well, quite frankly… it is….but for those of us that actually knew Mid…. His belief in the occult and the unforeseen spiritual realm of reality was never to be taken lightly and neither were His spoken words. The next morning, I made breakfast and He asked if I had any sauces. He freely made Himself at home and when He opened up the refrigerator, His mouth gaped open. I had every kind of sauce you could think of. He peered into my eyes again and yelled with gleam, “I am finally home!!!” Imagine that!

Our next few days were spent getting to know each other better and deciding how we were going to handle telling Lee when he gets back from his trip. Mid did not want to leave but I insisted that He go back to Lee’s house until we could figure it all out. He pleaded to stay when I took Him back telling me how much He wanted to spend the rest of His life with me. I was floored and on cloud nine. I’ve never felt this way before about any one man, and trust me, all I could think of is .. "Is this what they call love at first sight?" Mind ticking…

Mid came up with a brilliant idea that He would do some much needed house work and would need to stay with me until its complete. Via telephone conversations, I quickly agreed. The next plan was to meet at Cellfish’s next gig that weekend in downtown St. Petersburg and for Him to come with Lee to meet me. Mid was packed and ready and Lee was all for it. That Friday night, I walked into the club to meet Mid and from across the room, I see this beautiful man dressed in a long sleeve white buttoned down shirt, long beautiful thick-flowing black hair, neatly tight blue jeans, beaming at me from the other side. I meandered through the crowd and sat next to Him, while all along urgent silly smiles plastered across our faces. He pulls out a pink rose, says this is for you my last swan and lightly kisses me on the cheek. My inner goddess turned somersaults!! Our look at one another was insatiable. Not only did I desire this beautiful soul, but I needed this man in my life as well as He needed me in His.

Mid came to live with me that very night. WE spent as much time with each other as much as we could. He began to draw and paint with enthusiasm again. He would sing to me, and play guitar all hours of the night and into the morning. He shared His deepest secrets and talked about His life long journey and His belief in reincarnation, God and the rat race of the “sheeple”. He shared explicit stories about His past loves and the darkest part of their affairs and how the lyrics to most of His music were greatly influenced by the loves of his life. I was in total shock that this beautiful dark, inflicted, loving soul desired and wanted to be with me. He wrestled with His inner demons and taught me many things about pain, love, and sensuality. He dominated my every waking thought while I was at work and all I could do was think about being home and being with Him. He began to eat better, drink less, paint more, laugh hysterically, and I even taught Him to dance with me. In our pajamas!

His renewal for life became more evident with each passing day, although the skeletons in His closet were another matter as He learned to confront His pent up anger issues. He started to contact the people in His life that haven’t heard from Him in a while. Lee even asked us what was going on and he found out in the strangest way (Another story. Another time;)…

To this day, when I ponder over our intense relationship, I know that we both felt so fortunate in our lives to have each other. After all the trials and tribulations we both endured, we found a safe harbour in each other’s arms that no one could tear apart….Oh how I miss my demanding, stubborn, magical, mysterious, musical genius.....…...............................................

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