Midnight Crimson Glory


All Soul's Midnight is a tribute dark place to one of the most charismatic artists in rock and heavy metal music.

The angels now have one of our best!

forever loved fiercely missed

R.I.P Midnight (29 April 1962 - 8 July 2009)

This webspace is dedicated to the memory of Midnight (aka John Patrick McDonald), his music, his words, his dreams. It is in the aim of the author(s) herein to preserve and embrace the legacy of this great musician. Under no circumstances his work and his personal choices in life will be the subject of ill driven criticism and gossip. We are trying to gather anything related to Midnight, feel free to share you own little treasures in this place...

In painted skies that shade the color of your dream...

The spirit of Midnight will always live through priceless works of art, through images, notes and words of extraordinary beauty! Either with Crimson Glory or just on his own, the gift of his mesmerizing voice will always shine over violent seas...

In death I've found the answer
In death I live again
Fear not the reaper's blade
It does not mean the end
It does not mean the end, no
It never really ends.....

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